How do I qualify to run for elected office?

A person must meet the requirements of a qualified voter of the City of Powder Springs, as prescribed by State law, and must have been a resident of the City of Powder Springs for at least 12 months prior to the date in which he/she offers as a candidate, and, if elected, must continue to reside and be registered and qualified to vote in the municipality of Powder Springs throughout his/her term of office. A candidate must qualify during the advertised three day qualification period during the 3rd week of August of the election year.  The qualification fee for Mayor are $540 and $360 for City Council Member.

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1. How do I qualify to run for elected office?
2. What years do the municipal elections take place?
3. When and where do I apply to be an eligible candidate for an elected office?
4. Is there a cost to qualify for elected office?