I paid these taxes at closing - why am I getting a tax bill?
Taxes are billed at the end of each year for the period of January 1 - December 31. These bills are generated as of January 1. What generally happens at a closing is a transaction between the buyer and seller for the seller's portion of estimated taxes that will become due at the end of the year. In this instance, taxes are collected from the seller and paid to the buyer by reducing the proceeds paid to the seller at closing. Taxes are not paid to the City of Powder Springs after closing. If taxes are to be "collected" at a closing, it is stated in the sales contract and the lawyer's office will forward taxes collected to the City of Powder Springs. The State of Georgia requires that tax bills are generated and mailed to the owner of record on January 1st so the seller will receive a bill on property that they have sold (O.C.G.A. 48-5-18). Both buyer and seller are made aware of this at closing and the property tax bill also states that this bill should be forwarded to the new owner. This can be very confusing and often results in taxes becoming past due. Failure to receive a tax bill does not relieve this liability. Please contact your closing attorney or the City of Powder Springs if you have questions.

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