Health and Wellness

  • Take a one mile "happy walk" in the safety and comfort of your home.
  • Take some free online yoga classes with Yoga With Adriene. She is fun and easy to follow and has a large variety of  practices.
  • Or try out some of the yoga practices offered here. 
  • Here are 101 things to do while stuck at home.
  • Silver Sneakers offers a variety of online exercise classes. 
  • Here are some ideas for maintaining strength and stability while the gyms are closed. 
  • This article by Jackie Bernardout outlines exercises for senior adults that help improve balance and strength.
  • The RealisticMama has a list of the 9 best exercise videos for kids.
  • Group Hiit offers free video workouts for all members of the family.
  • Check out Fitness Blender for some free at home workouts. 
  • Are you an Orange Theory fan? Try some of their workouts for free.
  • The Atlanta Beltline Partnership has a variety of free workouts on their website.  
  • Go on a walk, run, or bike ride  around your neighborhood and say hi (from a distance) to all of your neighbors as you pass by!
  • Try some Tai Chi.
  • Enroll in Yale online course The Science of Well-being here. Learn how simple daily practices like being grateful, living in the present moment, and connecting with others can lead to true happiness.
  • For women and teens looking to stay fit and strong, here are some health and exercise tips you may want to consider for your at home routine.
  • To understand and reduce loss of mobility in older adults, check out Baylor University's article, which includes some great mobility exercises, here!
  • Do you know how aging affects your sleep patterns and quality? Learn about  biological, lifestyle, and health changes that impact sleep as people age in this comprehensive guide.
  • Interested in how Virtual Reality (VR) can help you stay fit at home? Check out this article to learn more!
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