Administration Bureau

The Administration Bureau Commander is responsible for Community Outreach Division, Criminal Investigations Division, Office of Professional Standards, Training and Recruitment, Records Division, and Information Services. The Administration Bureau oversees day to day operations of these units.

Records Division

Staffed by one civilian employee who greets citizens who enter the police department the Records division fills request for accident and incident reports, answers phone calls, over sees and maintains the departments GCIC Computer System, and RMS System.

Office of Professional Standards

Responsible for maintaining files on department employees, policy development and review, certification/accreditation, conducting and coordinating training, maintaining training files and conducting investigations into citizen complaints of administrative and criminal misconduct by departmental employees.

Criminal Investigations Division (CID)

Criminal Investigations is Commanded by the Special Operations Captain. CID's purpose is to thoroughly and professionally investigate all criminal activity assigned for investigation. CID will be responsible for identifying and apprehending offenders, recovering property, gathering, documenting, and evaluating facts regarding criminal activity, and assisting in the prosecution of those charged with criminal offenses. At the discretion or assignment from the Chief of Police, CID may also be assigned Internal Affairs Investigations.

Community Affairs Division

The Community Affairs Division is responsible for building relationships within the community, promoting the department, and providing educational opportunities that promote partnerships between the community, schools, and businesses.