Park Development and Programming


Working Toward the Future While Taking Care of Today

It's our responsibility to keep our city in good condition and attractive for both residents and visitors. We take this seriously and work very hard to make sure you are always proud to say you live in Powder Springs!

Maintenance of City Parks & Trails

One way we keep our city looking clean and pretty by making sure the Parks and Trails are in great condition which includes making sure all trash is picked up, that equipment is safe and functional and that signage is readily apparent.

Construction Oversight

Parks and Rec oversees all construction to and in our city parks. The basketball court at Linear Park, new picnic areas in several parks and construction of the downtown park.

Procure Grants for Continued Work in Parks

Did you know that there are numerous grants available to cities to help them maintain and develop parks for the community? It's our job to make sure we keep track of available grants and apply for them so our parks can continue to grow as our community does.

Future Planning

There are many park additions in the works for the near future; a skate park and disc golf among them. Planning and implementation of these features will be lead by Parks and Rec.