Sewer Spill


What is a Sewer Spill?

Sewage spills occur when the wastewater transported in underground pipes overflows from a manhole, broken pipes and/or service laterals and clean outs.  These spills can potentially cause health hazards, damage homes and businesses and threaten the environment and local waterways.

Identifying Sewer Spills

Sewage spills can be very noticeable. Wet areas that cannot be accounted for, gushing wastewater from a manhole or a slow leak are signs to look for. Be aware of drains backing up inside buildings, wet ground or water leaking around manholes in the street, seeping sewage or water from service lateral lines, clean outs and outside drains and unusual odorous wet areas.

Reporting Sewer Spills

If you see, smell or suspect a sewer line spill, report it immediately by calling the Public Works Department at 770-943-8010 during normal business hours.

For after hours, please call 770-943-8000, take option "1", and then option "1" again for the After Hours Emergency Personnel.

For a Sewer Spill on Private Property

Please call a reliable licensed plumber to assist you with your private sewer lateral line.