Boards & Commissions

The Mayor and City Council appoint Boards, Commissions, Committee and Authority members. Citizens are welcomed to attend any Board, Commission, Committee, Authority or Council meeting. If you would like to be considered for service on a city board, authority, or commission, apply using the Application form below. 

List of the Boards & Commissions

  • Development Authority of Powder Springs
  • Downtown Development Authority
  • Keep Powder Springs Beautiful
  • Planning and Zoning Commission
  • Seven Springs Historical Society
  • Powder Springs Youth Foundation
  • Arts and Cultural Affairs Commission

How to Join

  1. If you are interested in serving on a City of Powder Springs Board or Commission, please complete the Board and Commission Application  and return it to the City Clerk at City Hall, or submit via email.

     If you have any questions, please contact the City Clerk at 770-943-1666, ext. 312.

Arts and Cultural Affairs Commission

The Arts and Cultural Affairs Advisory Commission was begun in October of 2017 and consists of what was formerly known as the Coach George E. Ford Board of Directors. The purpose of the commission is to build the community through Arts and Cultural Programs by developing visibility, funding, audiences, information, and partnerships. The commission plans, promotes, and encourages programs to further public awareness of, accessibility to, participation in, and support for the artistic and cultural development of the city and makes recommendations to the city council regarding the establishment of arts and cultural policies and programs, the expenditure of budgeted funds on arts and cultural activities, and the implementation of programs.

The Commission routinely hosts community events at the Ford Center Complex in addition to promoting the venues among the community and encouraging outside groups to use the space.

Meetings are scheduled once a month and held in the Powder Springs Senior Center, located on the Ford Center Campus, at 7 p.m. 

Development Authority

The Development Authority of Powder Springs provides the following confidential and free services on behalf of the city: 

  • Business recruitment
  • Business retention and expansion
  • Requests for information (RFI) and requests for proposals (RFP) responses
  • Target industry development
  • National and international marketing
  • Building and site selection
  • Business park development
  • Infill development and adaptive reuse
  • Retail recruitment
  • Research and demographics analysis and report
  • Incentive structuring and processing
  • Fast track permitting

For more information about the Development Authority of Powder Springs contact Marsellas Williams.

Downtown Development Authority

The DDA is an organization created by the Constitution of the State of Georgia to coordinate the development and improvement of the city’s downtown. Members are appointed by City Council and their mission is to preserve and add to the unique beauty and hometown charm of Powder Springs and create a destination of choice.

For more information contact Marsellas Williams.

Keep Powder Springs Beautiful

The mission of the Keep Powder Springs Beautiful, Inc. is to enhance and maintain the overall cleanliness and beautification of our city, by means of community awareness, education, and involvement.

Planning and Zoning Commission

The Planning and Zoning Commission was created by the city to hear all applications for rezoning, land use permits and amendments to the Unified Development Code and to recommend to the Mayor and Council any action on such applications. At its regular hearing, the Commission makes recommendations on applications to the Mayor and Council for the Council’s public hearing on the first Monday of the following month.

In evaluating the proposed applications, the Commission considers the zoning map and the future land use map. The Commission takes into account public input and applicable criteria such as whether traffic created by a proposal would lead to congestion, noise and traffic hazards; whether there is conflict with density patterns in the district.