Bicycle & Recreation Trails

Trails in Powder Springs are open again and parking for trails is accessible.
City Parks are open again. Linear Park is open only Thurs-Sun, dawn to dusk.

Powder Springs is your destination for outdoor recreation

The City of Powder Springs is proud of its city-wide 
bicycle and pedestrian trail system which connects neighborhoods, parks, commercial and employment centers, public facilities, the historic downtown area and the regional Silver Comet Trail. 

Trail Information   

USATF Certified 5k Route on City Trails

Silver Comet Trail
The Silver Comet Trail is a 59 mile multi-use trail that runs from Smyrna to the Georgia/Alabama border through the City of Powder Springs. Built on an abandoned rail right-of-way, this paved trail accommodates bicyclists, skaters and walkers, hikers, joggers, and persons with disabilities. A significant portion of the trail also has a section open to horses beginning west of Florence Road in Powder Springs. 
Wildhorse Trail
The Wildhorse Trail is a 1.5 mile trail that begins at the Wildhorse Creek Park on Macedonia Road and continues along Wildhorse and Noses Creek to the point where it connects with the Silver Comet Trail at Carter Road. 

Like the Silver Comet Trail, the Wildhorse Trail is designed to accommodate bicyclists, skaters and walkers, hikers, joggers and persons with disabilities. It does not have facilities for horses, however. The trail is open from dawn to dusk except after rainstorms.

Along the path of the Wildhorse Trail is the largest red maple tree in Georgia, known as a 
"State Champion Tree." Parking is available at the Wildhorse Creek Park with access on Lancer Drive and at Carter Road with access at the Silver Comet trestle bridge. 

Wildhorse Trail
Lucille Trail
Lucille Trail
The Lucille Trail is a 10-foot wide concrete facility just over a mile in length and is located west of the historic downtown along the western bank of the Lucille Creek. It begins at Shipp Road and follows the creek south, crosses the Silver Comet Trail and continues to Powder Springs-Dallas Highway where it connects with an 8-foot path. The path leads to the Town Square at the intersection of Brownsville Road and Marietta Street. This connection extends through the town center completes the downtown loop along Marietta and Dillard Streets to the Silver Comet Trail at theDillard Street trail-head. 

Like the Wildhorse Trail to the east, the Lucille Trail functions as a recreation and transportation corridor. Residents are able to travel without a vehicle to numerous destinations, including Powder Springs and Wildhorse Creek Parks, historic downtown, the library, and employment and commercial centers. The trail is closed at night and is patrolled by the Powder Springs Police Bicycle Unit.