Collection Tips & Procedures

Collection Procedures

  • On your designated collection day, your cart should be placed at the curb right-of-way no later than 7 am Due to time constraints, the sanitation department will be unable to return in the event that trash service is missed.
  • Please do not park vehicles in the street as this makes it difficult to maneuver garbage trucks through city streets.
  • All garbage must fit inside the city issued container provided to you. In the event you cannot place all garbage in your city container, extra trash must be bagged or boxed and you must call the Public Works Department and request a work order. Additional charges will apply. Please see Special and Bulk Items.

Collection Tips

  • Please bag all trash. This will ensure that all garbage makes it into the truck. When papers or other loose materials are not bagged and the can is dumped, wind and pressure tends to blow materials onto city roadways and yards.
  • Do not place hot ashes, hot liquids or flammables in the carts.
  • Please containerize broken glass, mirrors or any other sharp objects and label "SHARP".
  • Residents are responsible for the cleanliness of their cart.
  • All carts are property of the city. If damages beyond repair occur, the resident shall assume the responsibility and must pay the cost of a replacement cart.

Cart Repairs & Replacements

  • The sanitation department will attempt to repair damaged carts prior to replacement.
  • Replacement carts will be provided at no additional cost only for carts that display normal wear and tear. Any damages that are not due to normal wear and tear, for example: theft, damage by a vehicle, animal damage, and paint damage, will result in the loss of the cart deposit.
  • It is solely the customer's responsibility to keep carts clean and sanitized.