Welcome to the webpage for the City of Powder Springs Street Department. We are responsible for maintenance of the city's infrastructure, including roads, streets, city trails and storm sewer drains. In addition, the Street Department is responsible for cutting right-of-ways, street sign installation and maintenance and asphalt patching.

The Street Department is a division of Public Works. The Street Department has maintenance workers that work in conjunction with other Public Works Departments to insure the city's Street Department goals are met.

Primary Functions
Helps keep the City of Powder Springs looking clean and beautiful by:

  • Picking up litter
  • Cutting and trimming grass and trees on city property and right-of-ways
  • Cleaning sidewalks
  • Removal of graffiti

Maintains city roads, streets, trails and sidewalks by:

  • Insuring roads and streets stay in safe and good condition
  • Asphalt patching, repairing damages to curbs and sidewalks
  • Resurfacing under LMIG/SPLOST programs

Maintains storm sewer drains and ditches by:

  • Keeps storm drains and city ditches clean and free of debris
  • Cleaning catch basins and manholes
  • Inspects storm drains and ditches to insure they are not showing signs of illicit discharge
  • Makes repairs or modifications to storm drains and the city ditch system as needed or required

How Citizens of Powder Springs can Help With our Mission

  • Prevent trash and debris from blocking the drains and ditches. Blocked drains and ditches can ultimately result in flooding and environmental damage.
  • See our stormwater management page for more information.