Criminal Investigations Unit

The Criminal Investigations Unit (CIU) works as a proactive and reactive unit, where its main responsibility is to conduct follow-up investigations on reported crimes. In part, CIU also has officers attached to the Marietta, Cobb, Smyrna (MCS) Multijurisdictional Drug Task Force.

Types of Cases
Each Detective can handle a wide variety of complaints ranging from domestic violence to homicide. Investigators have a high level of expertise in many different fields and deploy a wide variety of techniques to assist in investigations.

Finding Out About Your Case
To inquire on the status of any case and/or to speak to any detective assigned to the Criminal Investigations Unit, or report on-going criminal activity call 770-943-1616. If you have an emergency situation that requires immediate attention, call 911.

Victimization Tips
How to avoid being a victim:
  • Keep all doors and windows locked
  • Do not go out at night by yourself
  • Do not walk the trails alone, walk in pairs (if possible) and always carry a cell phone
  • Do not leave valuables visible in automobiles
  • Keep an inventory and photographs of all major articles
What to do if victimized:
  • Call 911 for police assistance immediately
  • Do not touch any article or surface at the scene, as the detectives may be able to find fingerprints
  • In the case of sexual assault, do not take a bath or change clothes
  • Have information such as serial numbers and photographs of your possessions readily accessible
  • Be alert: take notice of people, places and things around you
  • Make a mental note of vehicle colors and license numbers and the height, weight and facial features of people

Contact Us

  1. Capt. Jason Holcombe

    Special Operations Commander

    Ph: 770-943-1616