State Information

Alcoholic Beverages License

Every business which engages in the sale of alcoholic beverages, whether beer, wine, and/or liquor, must have both local and State alcoholic beverage licenses. Contact the Georgia Department of Revenue Alcohol and Tobacco Division at 404-423-6711 or via their website.

Animal Shelters

Animal Shelters are inspected and regulated by the State. Contact the Department of Agriculture at 404-656-3673 or go to their website.

Animal Control services in Powder Springs are provided by Cobb County Animal Services. Contact Cobb County Animal Services at 770-499-4136 or visit their website.

Daycare Center

Contact the Department of Early Care and Learning at 404-656-5957 or go to their website for more information.

Food Sales Establishment License

If your business will involve food processing, processing or sale of meat products, or grocery sales, you must obtain a license from the Georgia Department of Agriculture prior to starting your business. Contact the Department of Agriculture Licensing Division at 855-424-5423 or go to their website.


To form a corporation in the State of Georgia, contact the Secretary of State's Office at 844-753-7825 or go to their website.

Pesticide Sales or Application

Contact the Department of Agriculture Pesticide Division at 404-656-4958 or go to their website.

Plant Nurseries

Contact the Department of Agriculture Plant Industry Division at 404-463-8617 or go to their website.

Professional Licensing

The State requires licensing for a variety of professions, from accountants to veterinarians. For more information contact the Professional Licensing Board in Macon at 478-207-2440 or go to their website.

Skilled Nursing Facilities

Contact the Department of Human Resources at 404-656-4507 or go to their website


The State of Georgia has a variety of business taxes depending on the type of business you are in. They range from income and sales taxes, which apply to all businesses, to Employer Withholding, applying to all businesses with employees, to motor fuel and alcohol taxes, applying only to specialized businesses.

Contact your accountant or visit the Georgia Department of Revenue website for contact information and for information on business taxes.

Unemployment Insurance

The State of Georgia requires a business to pay an unemployment insurance tax on its payrolls in certain situations. Most businesses with employees will be required to pay unemployment insurance. Unemployment insurance must be reported and returns made to the State of Georgia. For more information contact the Georgia Department of Labor/Adjudication Section at 404-656-5590.

Workers' Compensation Insurance

While all businesses should have insurance to protect against loss and liability, Georgia law requires that any business with three or more workers, including part-time workers, must have workers' compensation insurance. Contact your insurance agent or call 404-656-3818 or go to their website for more information.