City & County Information

Governmental Regulation

Several issues businesses need to be concerned about relate to governmental regulation. Federal, state, county and municipal governments all have certain laws, regulations, and requirements depending on the type of business.

While the following information is not intended to be all-inclusive, it may help point out some of the more common areas of government regulation and interaction.

City of Powder Springs Regulations

Whether you are opening a new business or moving or opening a branch of an existing business, your interaction with the City of Powder Springs will probably revolve around three primary issues:
  • Zoning of the proposed location
  • Building and construction issues on the property
  • Securing an occupational license

Home-Based Businesses

Please note that some types of businesses may be located in your home, but there are well defined parameters regarding what is and is not permitted as a home-based business.

Assistance & Information

If you desire assistance or information on such issues as utilities, site selection, tax incentives and demographics, contact the City Planner at 770-943-8001 X 361.

Cobb County Regulations

Business Registration

If your business uses or plans to use any name other than their own personal name, you must register that name under the Trade Name Registration Act with the Superior Court of Cobb County.

This registration requirement, however, does not apply to corporations doing business in their corporate name or to persons practicing any profession under a partnership name. For trade name registration information, contact the Clerk of Superior Court of Cobb County at 770-528-1300 or at the website

Businesses Requiring a Health Department Permit

The Cobb County Board of Health requires a permit for the operation of the following types of businesses in Cobb County:
  • Food service establishments
  • Septic tanks and sewage disposal
  • Tourist courts or trailer camps
  • Personal care homes
  • Nursing homes
  • Health spas
  • Hotels/motels
  • Public, semi-public or institutional swimming pools
The Cobb County Board of Health can be contacted at 770-435-7815.