Arts and Cultural Affairs Advisory Commission


The Arts and Cultural Affairs Advisory Commission was begun in October of 2017 and consists of what was formerly known as the Coach George E. Ford Board of Directors. The purpose of the commission is to build the community through Arts and Cultural Programs by developing visibility, funding, audiences, information, and partnerships. The commission plans, promotes, and encourages programs to further public awareness of, accessibility to, participation in, and support for the artistic and cultural development of the city and makes recommendations to the city council regarding the establishment of arts and cultural policies and programs, the expenditure of budgeted funds on arts and cultural activities, and the implementation of programs. 

The Commission routinely hosts community events at the Ford Center Complex in addition to promoting the venues among the community and encouraging outside groups to use the space.


Meetings are scheduled once to twice a month the third Tuesday of each month and held in the Powder Springs Senior Center, located on the Ford Center Campus, at 7:00pm. 
*We are currently seeking applicants to join this Commission. Please refer to the sidebar for information on how to apply if you are interested.

  • Doris Dawkins, Council Member
  • Robin Glover, Secretary
  • Tony Rashad
  • Debra Feagins
  • Chairperson (Open Position as Chair Retired in December)
  • Tamara Woods, Vice-Chairperson
  • Kim Stallworth
  • Rhonda Travitt