P. O. Box 46
1114 Richard Sailors Parkway
Powder Springs, GA 30127


Name Title Email Phone
Cochran, Michael Interim Chief 770-943-1616
Slay, Shannon Assistant to the Chief 770-943-1666
Wilkie, Lewis Lieutenant, A & C Team 770-943-1616
Hardy, Nick Lieutenant, Training and Internal Affairs 770-943-1616
Cadwell, Lane Lieutenant, Criminal Investigations Unit Commander
Matthews, Jody Lieutenant, Team B & D Shift 770-943-1616
Gresham, Mark Police Officer 770-943-1616
Collins, Julie Lieutenant, Quality of Life 770-943-1616
Varnell, Brooks Police Officer 770-943-1616
Dilbeck, Cory Police Officer 770-943-1616
Wright, James Sergeant 770-943-1616
Hackett, Keon Detective 770-943-1616
Arndt, Justin Police Officer/ Community Outreach 770-943-1616
Boatwright, Jeremy Sergeant 770-943-1616
Restrepo, Gustavo Police Officer 770-943-1616
Norton, Geoffrey Police Officer 770-943-1616
Chastain, Joshua Detective 770-943-1616
Beechy, Melissa Detective 770-943-1616
Driver, Jason Police Officer 770-943-1616
Gloyd, Brett Police Officer 770-943-1616
Miller, Judy Front Desk 770-943-1616
Driver, Jason Officer, Quality of Life 770-943-1616 x242